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What are carbohydrates?
Your body uses carbohydrates (carbs) to make glucose, which is the fuel that gives your body energy and helps keep everything going.

Your body can use glucose immediately or store it in your liver and muscles for when it is needed.

When you eat refined foods such as white flour, white sugar, high fructose corn syrup etc, they go directly to your blood stream and if its not immediately used, it is stored as fat. They have no nutrients with them [because they are so refined]. They leave your body wanting more because it thinks it’s getting what it needs. It’s just an endless cycle that keeps you eating!

You can find carbohydrates in the following:
Breads, cereals, and other grains
Milk and milk products
Foods containing added sugars (e.g., cakes, cookies, and sugar-sweetened beverages).

[Important detail***]
Healthier foods higher in carbohydrates include ones that provide dietary fiber and whole grains as well as those without added sugars. 🙂

What about foods higher in carbohydrates such as sodas and candies that also contain added sugars?
Those are the ones that add extra calories but not many nutrients to your diet.
complex carbs are what keep you feeling full. These are carbs found in veggies, whole grains, beans, and fruits.

Source, the Center for Disease Control Website and the documentary, Hungry for Change


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