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Sugar Free?

Since sugar and carbs are the new evil,
sugar-free is now the new hero in the fight to slim down. There are now sugar free sodas, gums, cookies, meal replacement shakes…the list goes on.
The most common sugar-free ingredient is Aspartame.

Natural sweeteners are the ones to stick to, but I will elaborate on why in another post!
These artificial sweeteners are horrible for your body. For one, they cause symptoms that are unpleasant. Because these sweeteners are artificial, the body does not know how to break it down, much less process it. The result? Bloating, gas, and sometimes diarrhea. This is called abdominal distress, the body is treating it like a poison.
As for long term effects, Aspartame specifically causes a build up of Formaldehyde, which is also used in chemicals and embalming!
So when all else fails, stick to natural!


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