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“It’s okay, it says FAT FREE.”


No, well I mean, it could be. The problem with picking out a product that is specifically fat-free is that it will have more sugar content in it.

In the end though, if a food still has sugar, it can still turn into fat.

Why do you ask?
Well, if the body has a high amount of sugar (which are also a form of carbs), the body is expected to use it as energy.  If it is not being used, the body decides to store it for later. This turns into FAT.

What most people do not know is that if they decide to eat a piece of that amazing bread from Olive Garden, and then they eat more and more….well, that is the equivalent of eating a few slices of cake. Sure, it doesn’t LOOK the same, but the body will process it in the same way.

Those bread sticks at Olive Garden, the rolls at Golden Corral, and the biscuits at Cracker Barrel and Red Lobster are made with Enriched (White Flour). This flour has been stripped of all its nutrients making it an empty and “simple” carbohydrate. This is what makes it process just like a slice of cake!

Stick to those complex carbs such as whole grains, rice, and vegetables!


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