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Healthy Food of the Day: Quinoa!

Sorry for my absence today, I am enjoying a nice visit from my parents this weekend to celebrate my Mom completing her graduate work! She and I are graduating together in May!

Anyways, onto the topic – Quinoa

Are you allergic to gluten? [like me!] This is actually a great alternative. I’ve made spaghetti with quinoa noodles that are to die for. So aside from it being a great alternative to wheat, why else is it a great additive to your diet?

Well for one, it is great for those who have to watch their cholesterol and sodium. It’s also great for those with Diabetes. Quinoa has a low glycemic index, therefore it does not cause the blood sugar to spike. It is a great source of some of the core minerals the body needs such as Magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese and Calcium. It also has a good bit of protein and fiber!

The Official Quinoa website emphasizes the fact that it is an Alkaline food NOT acidic. Why are Alkaline foods better? Well, it assists with the treatment of heart disease and diabetes. Mainly because alkaline foods are foods from the ground: veggies, fruits etc which are amazing for your health.

Here’s a link for some recipes using Quinoa! Enjoy!

Sources: Official Quinoa Site


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