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Healthy Food of the Day: Cilantro

Sorry I have been away for so long! Crazy schedule & crazy amount of homework lately.

So. Why Cilantro? [besides its amazing smell!]

Cilantro has many health benefits. It is loaded with anti-oxidants [anti-oxidants protect your DNA from any cancers that could develop and be passed on to your children.]

Cilantro also contains fiber, manganese, iron and magnesium. How do these help?

Fiber aids in digestion

Iron is helpful with the blood [or hemoglobin] and encourages a healthy flow of oxygen through the circulatory system. It also helps with the metabolism.

Manganese gives aid to the endocrine system. It helps with metabolism, tissue growth, the thyroid, and absorption of calcium.

Magnesium helps with regulating blood sugar, but is mostly [50%] found in bones and bone tissue. It is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in your body!

Another cool fact: Cilantro also binds with potentially harmful metals in the body and helps clean it out of the body. For instance, if you eat lots of sushi [like me], eating cilantro will help get rid of all the mercury that will end up in your system!

So how or when can you eat cilantro? Well, it makes a great additive to a main dish. It’s found in a lot of Mexican food, which may not be the HEALTHIEST way to eat it because Mexican food typically has LOADS of fat and sodium. I personally love to put it in my juicer along with some tomatoes, kale or spinach, cucumber, celery and a green apple. I sometimes add a little bit of cracked pepper to enhance the taste of the tomatoes.

So now you know, enjoy your cilantro! xo


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