Remember when you were a child, and you always heard your mom bothering you to wear sun screen? Well, let me just say, I do and I am so glad she did.

Don’t get me wrong, sunlight is WONDERFUL and healthy. That’s what I’m wanting to discuss.

What can you get from natural sunlight? Vitamin D. And getting sunlight actually speeds up the process of your body absorbing calcium, which is A MUST. Now, regardless of what you’ve been told, milk is not the best way or the ONLY way to get calcium. In fact, the amount of fat and sugar in milk counter acts any health benefits. I’m not saying there’s no calcium in it, but it is not the BEST way of receiving it. There are other healthier options out there with larger amounts of calcium.

Another reason why sunlight [in controlled amounts] is good is because it helps the mood! Have you ever noticed that when it is sunny and warm you’re just HAPPY? I can’t wait until summer. Just remember, sunlight is okay, but being over exposed can cause burns. Sunburns increase your chances of developing skin cancer because of the damage it does to your skin cells!  Always keep your skin moisturized especially if you’ve been in the sun for a while. You lose a lot of moisture in your skin. It also helps bring on that tan too!

The Livestrong website further explains sunlight benefits – check it out!



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