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Healthy Food of the Day: Brown Rice

Brown rice can be considered a multi-grain containing MANY vitamins and minerals that are conducive to good health! It helps with maintaining weight, losing weight and also stabilizing blood sugar.

So what kind of vitamins and minerals does brown rice contain? Fiber, Magnesium, and Selenium.

In only one cup of rice, there is 265 mg. of Magnesium. Magnesium is wonderful for those who struggle with diabetes because it encourages the secretion of glucose and insulin. It also regulates the affect of Calcium on the body to prevent imbalances.

The is about 45 mg. of Selenium in a cup of brown rice. Selenium is a great weapon against colon cancer by helping with faster digestion therefore passing carcinogens and toxins through the digestive system faster. Selenium also starts the process of DNA damage repair in damaged cells. Make sure that if you consume lots of Calcium, you also double your consumption of Selenium rich foods. It prevents muscle cramps and other uncomfortable issues.

Fiber has many wonderful qualities. It helps lower cholesterol, prevent constipation and regulate sugar levels.

Right now, my addiction is sushi made with brown rice rather than white. I can thank Whole Foods Market for that. It adds a great flavor and some whole grains that won’t spike up my blood sugar as much as white rice! The great thing is that brown rice is gluten free! It’s a great replacement for those that need to replace their starch intake with something that contains no gluten.


Enjoy xo


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