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Health Food of the Day: Ginger Root


As the weather jumps up and down in temperature, this is the time where allergies flare up and people walk around with swollen faces and eyes, stuffy noses, outrageous sneezing and irritated throats. Contrary to popular belief, popping Advil and Tylenol isn’t going to help the problem the way you think it will. Sure, it will numb the pain butttttttttt it certainly does not take it away.
In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a natural remedy kind of girl. Also, I decided to post about Ginger root because I am currently having the above symptoms — right as I type. But, did I mention the other health benefits of ginger root?

1. Stomach problems: If you know me personally, then you know very well that I have the most sensitive stomach on the planet. Ginger helps with nausea (even motion sickness), bloating and stomach cramps. So if your job is anything from active duty military to being a model on constant photo-shoots, ginger will help with ailing stomach symptoms that you could be experiencing throughout the day.

2. Anti-inflammatory: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis can cause severe discomfort in daily activities. Ginger has been known to help increase circulation, which in turn helps with the inflammation associated with Arthritis.

3. Cholesterol: With the foods that are available to us in restaurants and in stores, high cholesterol is a common problem with people in any age. In addition to its aid in circulation, ginger also decreases the amount of cholesterol absorbed in the bloodstream and the liver. This means less of a chance for a heart attack or liver problems!

So tell me, what’s your excuse for not wanting more ginger in your life?

I just made some ginger green tea (in a pot, on the stove):

Chopped ginger – not too much


Organic Green Tea

Serve hot with agave nectar or honey and a slice of lemon. [I’ve been drinking on this for the past few minutes and it has really helped my throat.]



Source: Herb Wisdom


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