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Smoothies, protein, shakes, etc etc

I think it’s safe to say that right now, it’s the season of pursuing the “beach body.” I’ve seen a lot of people talking about different protein shakes, smoothies and blah blah blah. Honestly, not every protein shake company you see is the answer. The proof is in the ingredients. It’s so crazy to me how much we ignore ingredients labels. That should be the thing we pay attention to the MOST!
When picking a protein shake mix to use, thoroughly check the ingredients. Check for terms like “maltodextrin” or “sucralose” or “soy lecithin.” These are all forms of SUGAR that don’t need to be there – and it goes without saying, they contribute to weight gain. These are just a couple of examples of “fillers” that are in these protein shakes. The best one I’ve come across so far is True Vitality. It’s the one and only protein mix that does not upset my stomach. It’s truly dairy, gluten, and soy free! 🙂
Coming up – I’ll be posting about “filler” ingredients!
The less ingredients the better.

Here’s a snippet of ingredient list of a popular weight loss supplement:



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