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Homemade Ice Cream | Minus the Dairy


I am beyond excited about this recipe. As a dairy and gluten intolerant person, when I hear the words “can have” and “ice cream” in the same sentence, I get pretty excited. Regular ice cream that contains milk, cream, etc is loaded with fat and sugar. Fat and sugars are definitely necessary in the diet, but not the kind found in most ice creams. I enjoy doing research on new ways to prepare food that does not involve processed ingredients like white sugar, brown sugar and MILK. In this recipe, I used: 1 organic banana, a cup of frozen organic raspberries, and 2 table spoons of flax seeds (high in fiber and good for digestion). I then topped it with organic roasted slivered almonds (which added a nice sweet and salty flavor). 

Guys, this was DELICIOUS and all natural. I’m going to be honest, I have trust issues when it comes to how food is prepared. It feels really good to know that I’ve put the work into a HEALTH conscious dish and dessert. Some people laugh about the idea of “consuming the earth,” but why not use the earth that God gave us to help our bodies remain a well oiled machine?!


Now- as far as preparation, I used a food processor (only because I have not finished saving for my Vitamix yet) to get the creamy texture. I used as much frozen ingredients as I could to preserve the “icy” texture. I topped it with the slivered almonds and set it in the freezer for about 15 minutes.





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