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Paleo Chicken Curry and other things Paleo

Greetings –

I’m Back! 🙂

It’s 2016 and what most people are doing at this point is reflecting on the past year and looking forward to what they may accomplish this year. In the past year, I’ve discovered Crossfit and have learned various other ways to live a healthy lifestyle while managing a gluten and dairy allergy. I see lots of people on the internet making fun of “Crossfitters” and their way of fitness and DIET. Paleo is something I’ve slowly discovered. Fortunately, I do not go to a box that preaches about Paleo like it is straight out of God’s personal cookbook. I have learned, however, that paleo really syncs with the way I am forced to eat.

So…on that note….here goes nothing. I made my first paleo meal.

 I applaud the blogger who posted this (found via Pinterest, of course). Paleo Chicken Curry -mynaturalfamily.com

Enjoy! More posts to come xo



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