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Why I Deleted Facebook…

Have you ever found yourself just mindlessly scrolling through Facebook? On social media, there are so many types of images to see and opinions to read. One day, I snapped out of the normal “zombie-like” scrolling and realized what I was doing [and what I WASN’T doing].

I was focusing on my phone, and not the world in front of me. 

I was reading everyone else’s business and not focusing on my own. 

I was looking at other people’s selfie’s wondering why I can’t take a good selfie like their’s. 

I was reading someone else’s opinion on something and for only a moment, I was frustrated with how much I disagreed. 

How is this healthy! Comparing yourself to others will always lead to disappointment. You will also lose valuable time to make yourself a better person!

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook definitely has some positives. You can keep in touch with distant relatives and friends, network with professional contacts and read about things you’re interested in. Regardless of all these positive aspects, it had to go.

In an effort to focus more on my job, my relationship with a pretty incredible guy, my family, and my friends…I’ve broken the chains. I guess the older you get, the more clearly you see what your priorities are and what they should be.

Now – I leave you with a hypocritical selfie x




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