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Top 8 Food Finds in Massachusetts 


Hey y’all – Deep breaths. I just posted this and somehow lost all of my work! Gotta love technology.

Mike has taken me to Massachusetts quite a few times now and I really love it. He’s from Boston/Dracut and usually we go visit his family and explore. They are SO FUN by the way. Literally, everyone tells me I will love it until my first winter trip – stay tuned. LOL.

Since I love to travel and I LOVE food, I’m always on the lookout for some new spots to try.  Here are 8 of my favorite places I’ve found in MA. These photos are from multiple trips up there.

1. Woodman’s of Essex – Almost everything on their menu is gluten free. This is where I had my first REAL lobster roll. They have been around for 100 years!

Gluten free, dairy free


Fried Clams, a lobster roll and fries


2. Heav’nly Donuts – For me, this suggestion is mainly for the coffee. It’s fantastic. I was drinking it black per usual. They have delicious looking donuts and pastries.

3. FoMu Ice Cream – My first night in Boston, we were walking through Newbury St. to go to Davios for dinner. We stumbled across a FoMu pop-up store and I HAD to go try it. They have coconut milk and almond milk ice cream. All vegan and mostly gluten free. Needless to say, I had my dessert before dinner #worthit

Vegan, gluten free, dairy free


Mint Chocolate Chip FoMu

4. Wahlburgers – Okay, we all love Donnie and Mark but can we just talk about their burgers and FRIES?! Wahlburger’s has a separate prep/cook station for gluten allergies and a separate fryer!!! You are looking at a gluten and dairy free burger. NOM.

Gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free


5. Mike’s Pastry – a 24-hour pastry shop in the heart of Boston. Mike told me this place was legendary and now I know why. They have anything you can think of as far as pastries but their gluten free selection was really surprising!!! They may be in Massachusetts but don’t worry, they deliver.

Gluten free, vegan


Vegan and gluten free black and white cookie (I ate two)

6. Frobie’s Cafe in Dracut – I really like Dracut. It has this small town feel where everyone knows each other (This where Mike grew up!). It’s really pretty in the fall too. Every time I come here, I really look forward to going to Frobie’s. There is a really great story here; the owners are really nice and love to meet new customers.  They serve a lot of smoothies, coffee drinks, pastries and lunch items. Definitely a must try. (and they have MACA!)

Gluten Free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free


7. Juice Press in Seaport – This passed August, we went up to Boston for a mini-vacation and stayed one night in the Seaport area in downtown. Because we are insane, we decided to do a 7 am SoulCycle class (which was epic, the staff there is great). Next door, was this magical place. They make their almond milk fresh every day. They do coffee, smoothies, salad bowls AND ACAI BOWLS! It was seriously the best one I’ve ever head and perfect after a 1-hour ass kicking.

Gluten free, vegan, and dairy free


8. Fenway – Yes, the baseball park. They have an entire section dedicated to gluten free peeps! My first game was filled with wine and gluten free hot dogs. Nothing short of amazing.



That’s all for now, but the list really could go on.  What are you favorite go-to spots when you travel to a not-so-new place?




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