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Healthy Food of the Day – Avocado Toast

In case you haven’t noticed from the avocado pictures plastered everywhere on my social media, I’m pretty much obsessed with avocados. I could seriously put them on anything. I eat guacamole with my eggs, ground turkey, chicken, with a spoon – I mean the list goes on.

But wait a minute – isn’t it high in FAT?! Oh no, THE HORROR.

Guys, fat isn’t as bad as everyone says. Yes, too much of it is no bueno but just like anything…moderation is key. Another thing to consider is the type of fat.

Here is the macro-nutrient composition of an avocado according to Self Nutrition:

Carbs – 19%

Fat-77% (Omega-3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids)

Protein 4%

Avocado’s have some saturated fat so it is important to not overdo it; however, fat does a great job of keeping you FULL.  Omega-6 fatty acids are very prevalent in avocados. The body actually can’t make this on its own so eating it through a plant-based source is really beneficial. Because of this, they are also good for your brain function, skin and your hair. (1)

My favorite breakfast off all time is avocado toast (Simple Kneads Gluten Free Quinoa Sprout Bread, MADE IN BURLINGTON, NC!) with a sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt and black pepper with a 3 egg-white omelet (262 total calories according to my fitness pal entry). Add 51 calories: 11g of protein and 1g of carbs for 3 egg-whites.

241 Calories – Carbs 24G, Protein 4G, Fat 27G

I highly recommend an app called My Fitness Pal that helps you track your carb, fat and protein percentages (macros). It’s free and easy to use. It really helps you put your calories into perspective and you can better understand the effects of how you eat!

What is your favorite breakfast food? Do you workout before or after breakfast?

That’s all for now, enjoy your avocado toast 😉


1. University of Maryland Medical Center – Omega 6 Fatty Acids

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