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Lunch-time blurb: It’s not about being fat.



Okay, I really want to talk about the idea of being “fat” for a sec……

The more I learn about the body, the more I hate the word, fat. 

It’s so negative and gross and stems from a very “end all be all” type of vocabulary.

Even just in casual conversation, I often times hear people say (myself included), “oh my gosh, I’m getting fat I need to really reign it in.” I feel like so many people walk around feeling ashamed about how they look or how much weight they supposedly have gained. ALL because they want to look attractive. It’s very rare that I hear someone say, “ugh I feel so horrible and sluggish and my body really isn’t working right.” 

Of course we don’t say these things, why would we? The world is so obsessed with looking good, that actually being healthy is an afterthought.

Why can’t there be a direct correlation between looking good and being healthy?

The answer? There is a correlation. By simply making little changes in your daily diet and routine, your body will start to bounce back like you wouldn’t believe!! When given the proper nutrients, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself and drop the pounds.

Here are some small changes that can help for the better:

  1. Drink water!!!! – Water is nothing but great for the body. It has cleansing properties and helps push out toxins and keeps everything flowing. As tempting as a sweet tea and soda can be, just make small changes. For instance, instead of your regular three glasses of tea a day, try just doing two and sub one for water! Water is also great for the skin. If water tastes boring, try infusing it with citrus, berries or cucumbers!
  2. Eat your veggies – and really what I mean by this, is eat as many fresh foods as possible. The fresher the food, the more nutrient dense they are. There are some nutrients that the body cannot create on its own and the body relies on fresh foods or vitamins to get them. It doesn’t have to be just broccoli or kale. Sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber that help with weight loss.
  3. Ignore the pressure– I know it’s hard, but seriously….ignore the Facebook and Instagram posts. Stop worrying about what other people are doing and how they look. Yes, it’s nice to be pretty and look attractive. But unfortunately, the obsession surrounding being beautiful has really spawned a lot of bad and unhealthy habits. Change your focus to being healthy – you would be surprised how your own body will reward you. (hint: you’ll be looking fab)

So all of this health and wellness talk aside – I just wanted to let YOU know that:

You’re beautiful, You are sexy. You are a boss. You’ve got this.

Let’s through this Friday and land straight into the weekend together!!!






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