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“Eat Boring.”

Someone in my office sent me a great podcast by the Marathon Training Academy. I would have never come across this on my own only because I am not a marathon runner, so this was a great find. In this particular episode, there was an interview with Dr. Mark Cucuzella who discusses nutrition for runners… Continue reading “Eat Boring.”

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I think this is the start of something…

​ ​ Happy Saturday everyone! We went to Zach Brown last night and  didn't get home until really late. I didn't really feel like going to the gym, so I randomly decided to workout in the garage today and I really dig it. I made this workout up as I went along. 10 rounds of… Continue reading I think this is the start of something…

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Happy Friday 

Rough week? My gym workouts weren't very intense this week, I ate tortilla chips at taco Tuesday, I put my keys in the fridge, I didn't track every little bit of food I ate each day and no matter how many hours I slept, I'm still tired. I don't know about you, but I put a… Continue reading Happy Friday 


For the love of dogs….

I love dogs. They are man's best friend and there's something about them that just makes life complete. You can have a completely negative view about yourself but no matter what YOU may think, or what you think other's think - your dog absolutely adores you. He looks at you with adoring eyes and barks… Continue reading For the love of dogs….

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A Week Away……and other thoughts.

I just came back from the best vacation I've ever had and I can't help but be completely washed over with a feeling of gratefulness. I truly believe that once you've found your person, no one else in the world matters the same way that they do. I'm in love in a way that I… Continue reading A Week Away……and other thoughts.

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Worry can really put a damper on things. But we all struggle with it. If you have an analytical personality, then you know exactly what I mean. Sometimes, I wish I could go back to the exact moment in time that caused me to be such an over-thinker. Instead I manage it by keeping myself… Continue reading Worry.