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Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday, y’all!  My boyfriend {Mike} wasn’t too thrilled with the Patriots’ loss today 🏈  We started our day with a two-hour hike at Umstead Park with the pups this morning. We of course, grabbed smoothies after and rushed to the grocery store to grab food for the evening and the week before the football… Continue reading Sunday Funday

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The Importance of BCAA’s

  Short for Branch Chain Amino Acids, these amino's join forces to give us the best workout recovery tool money can buy. They come in different forms, but powder might just be the most popular because they can come in various flavors. These amino's are found naturally in foods but especially if you are vegetarian… Continue reading The Importance of BCAA’s

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Breakfast Meal Prep

In my world, Sunday's are for spiritual rejuvenation, meal prep - and other relaxing things. I decided to change it up a little bit and do a breakfast prep. Judging by how full I've been from breakfast this morning after a 6 AM spin class, I think it was a success. Preheat the oven to… Continue reading Breakfast Meal Prep

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Pre-workout Meal – SO GOOD.

If you love to be active and workout, then you know how important healthy carbs can be. YOU NEED them for energy! Sunday was leg day. My  breakfast consisted of 2 egg whites, 1 full egg and the oatmeal mixture pictured below. Quite colorful, isn't it? 1 cup of gluten free plain oats 4 medium… Continue reading Pre-workout Meal – SO GOOD.

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Healthy Food of the Day – Coconut Oil

At 240 calories per ounce, organic coconut oil is still considered one of the most healthy types of oil to be used in cooking as well as other holistic remedies. Coconut oil is great for the hair and skin and is a great replacement for dairy products in cooking and baking. While coconut oil is… Continue reading Healthy Food of the Day – Coconut Oil

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Worry can really put a damper on things. But we all struggle with it. If you have an analytical personality, then you know exactly what I mean. Sometimes, I wish I could go back to the exact moment in time that caused me to be such an over-thinker. Instead I manage it by keeping myself… Continue reading Worry.

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Why I Deleted Facebook…

Have you ever found yourself just mindlessly scrolling through Facebook? On social media, there are so many types of images to see and opinions to read. One day, I snapped out of the normal "zombie-like" scrolling and realized what I was doing [and what I WASN'T doing]. I was focusing on my phone, and not… Continue reading Why I Deleted Facebook…