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A scrumptious assignment 

Hi everyone 🙂 So - I have two weeks until my first course in my graduate program - Food and Society - is over. My assignment this week prompted me to choose an ingredient that is used frequently in another culture. Something new to me that I’ve never prepared. After selecting the ingredient, I had… Continue reading A scrumptious assignment 

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Chores and a Homemade Acai Bowl

As I begin writing this, it's not even noon and I feel like I've had a full day already. Since we have two cats and two dogs, the fur in our house accumulates rapidly. It took me about an hour to vacuum.  LOL. Since the weather has been so nice this weekend, I decided to… Continue reading Chores and a Homemade Acai Bowl

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Eating through the summer heat.

It was over 100 degrees in Raleigh this weekend and the last thing I want to do is eat a heavy meal while in a constant state of sweat. I personally love the heat, but I'm sure not everyone shares the same opinion. We decided to cook light.  Stove-top salmon with Himalayan salt, pepper, lemon… Continue reading Eating through the summer heat.

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There will be left overs & they will taste AMAZING…

What a fabulous weekend. A day at the beach, an amazing dinner with friends, followed by a Sunday full of productivity and rest. After straightening up, we found ourselves in the kitchen, music turned up and cooking together. It's honestly one of my favorite parts of our relationship. I found a great gluten free/vegan pad… Continue reading There will be left overs & they will taste AMAZING…

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Breakfast Meal Prep

In my world, Sunday's are for spiritual rejuvenation, meal prep - and other relaxing things. I decided to change it up a little bit and do a breakfast prep. Judging by how full I've been from breakfast this morning after a 6 AM spin class, I think it was a success. Preheat the oven to… Continue reading Breakfast Meal Prep

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Healthy Food of the Day – Cinnamon

The snicker doodle, cinnamon buns, pumpkin pie, apple pie....what do all of these delicious and sinful desserts have in common? Cinnamon. I bet that wasn't your first guess, was it? That's okay. It's hard to not be distracted by how delicious those dishes taste. (by the way they may be delicious but.....) Cinnamon is an… Continue reading Healthy Food of the Day – Cinnamon

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Presidents Day Meal Prep 

We love to meal prep on weekends. Preparing for a cruise vacation {and a healthy life in general} takes work but that doesn't mean it can't be tasty. I found this recipe thanks to Pinterest!  Crockpot Beef & Broccoli  1lb Beef ½ Onion, sliced 1 C Broccoli, (remove florets and peel stem, then slice in… Continue reading Presidents Day Meal Prep