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Healthy Food of the Day – Avocado Toast

In case you haven't noticed from the avocado pictures plastered everywhere on my social media, I'm pretty much obsessed with avocados. I could seriously put them on anything. I eat guacamole with my eggs, ground turkey, chicken, with a spoon - I mean the list goes on. But wait a minute - isn't it high… Continue reading Healthy Food of the Day – Avocado Toast

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Top 8 Food Finds in Massachusetts 

ROUND TWO Hey y'all - Deep breaths. I just posted this and somehow lost all of my work! Gotta love technology. Mike has taken me to Massachusetts quite a few times now and I really love it. He's from Boston/Dracut and usually we go visit his family and explore. They are SO FUN by the… Continue reading Top 8 Food Finds in Massachusetts 

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The Ultimate Mood Booster

There are days where I wake up and I am just NOT having it. Like if someone looks at me the wrong way, I may have a meltdown (not really, but you get my point). We all have those days where we "can't even." We just aren't motivated to do ANYTHING. Ladies especially, you know… Continue reading The Ultimate Mood Booster

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“Eat Boring.”

Someone in my office sent me a great podcast by the Marathon Training Academy. I would have never come across this on my own only because I am not a marathon runner, so this was a great find. In this particular episode, there was an interview with Dr. Mark Cucuzella who discusses nutrition for runners… Continue reading “Eat Boring.”

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A scrumptious assignment 

Hi everyone 🙂 So - I have two weeks until my first course in my graduate program - Food and Society - is over. My assignment this week prompted me to choose an ingredient that is used frequently in another culture. Something new to me that I’ve never prepared. After selecting the ingredient, I had… Continue reading A scrumptious assignment 

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I think this is the start of something…

​ ​ Happy Saturday everyone! We went to Zach Brown last night and  didn't get home until really late. I didn't really feel like going to the gym, so I randomly decided to workout in the garage today and I really dig it. I made this workout up as I went along. 10 rounds of… Continue reading I think this is the start of something…

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Happy Friday 

Rough week? My gym workouts weren't very intense this week, I ate tortilla chips at taco Tuesday, I put my keys in the fridge, I didn't track every little bit of food I ate each day and no matter how many hours I slept, I'm still tired. I don't know about you, but I put a… Continue reading Happy Friday